Logicae, philosophia et responsabilis

About us

We strongly believe that crypto can change the world for the better by enpowering people with decentralization and cryptography technology so we can bank the unbanked, give back power to the people and offer them more freedom.

We are commited to offer you a highly available infrastructure based on a scalable multi-nodes cluster running in a european public cloud. Our goal is to provide 99.95% to our delegators and the ecosystem.  Our infrastructure is running using non carbonated renewable energy.

Our Cardano Stake Pool

Highly available

99.95% availability in the cloud.  There is no single point of failure.  Every component of the infrastructure is clustered and highly available.


Member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) 


cardano-nodes are in a private zero trust network, isolated in containers and only reachable through clustered proxies

With a conscience

Half our profits are invested in a green portfolio or donated to plant trees in Canada.  The other half will be kept in the pool's pledge

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