About us

We wish to promote decentralization and encryption technologies to enpower people and offer them more freedom. Cardano, an academic and scientific research driven blockchain and smart contract platform, is a perfect enabler of our vision. As IT professionnals, running a stake pool and pledging ADA to it is our way of contributing to the Cardano ecosystem.  We also are worried about climate change and Earth's ecosystems health.  As such we will donate and invest in sustainable projects that will make our planet cleaner and greener.

We are commited to offer you a highly available infrastructure based on a scalable multi-nodes cluster running in a european public cloud. Our goal is to provide 99.95% uptime. 

Our infrastructure is powered by non carbonated renewable energy.

Our Cardano Stake Pool

Highly available

99.95% availability in the cloud.  Everything runs in Kubernetes which provides self healing, high availability and scalability to it's own services and to the applications running in it.


Member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) 


cardano-nodes are in a private zero trust network, isolated in containers shielded using mandatory access control and only reachable through proxies from the Internet.

With a conscience

Part of our profits  is invested in a green portfolio or donated to plant trees.  This is our way to contribute to a greener and cleaner Earth.  The remaining will be kept in the pool's pledge to secure the Cardano network and show our delegators we have skin in the game and are committed to this project.

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