lophre - logicae, philosophia et responsabilis

(yes, you got it right.  It's pronounced "lofray")


What we propose

We strongly believe that crypto can change the world for the better by enpowering people with decentralization and cryptography technology so we can bank the unbanked, give back power to the people and offer them more freedom.  Cardano and Bitcoin are the projects we support. 

As such, we operate a Bitcoin () full node and a Cardano () stake pool:

Pool ID:
Total Stake:
Tax Ratio:
Tax Fix:
ROA: %
Blocks Lifetime:
Blocks in epoch:
More info on ADApools.org

The technology

We are commited to offer you a highly available infrastructure based on a scalable multi-nodes Kubernetes cluster running in a european public cloud. Kubernetes is a container orchestrator coded initialy by Google and is based on what they use to power their highly scalable and available infrastructure. Our goal is to provide 99.95 uptime to our users.

Our objectives

Beside using our skills as IT professionnals to contribute to the crypto development, we believe climate change must be tackled. All of our infrastructrure is powered by non-carbonated renewable energy. We donate half of our profits to offset carbon emissions. The other half will be pledged to the pool so you get better rewards and to secure the network.

Receipts and confirmation of investing
Carbone Boreal - 2020-10-08


Our uptime

You can get some uptime statistics for our cardano relays (multiple pods in Kubernetes behind a cloud load balancer) and website.  Everything is running inside a highly available cluster of servers and should provide nearly 100% uptime.  We shall not miss our slot leader election!


Reach us

If you delegated some of your ADA to our pool and you want to stay informed on our operations, follow us on Twitter

You can also contact us at lophre at p r o t o n m a i l d o t c o m